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Plan Interment Ashes Funeral Memorial Ideas

Funeral Planning for Interment of Ashes 

Finding and placing your loved one's ashes in a final resting place is gut wrenching. It's forever and you want it to be perfect. Our quick and easy funeral planning guide will help you plan interment of ashes stress free.

Family or friends can also help you choose the interment site for burial. Cremated remains can be placed in an urn and then everyone gathers for a simple ceremony. 

Your interment planning can be led by clergy or a family representative. Words of remembrance are usually shared, followed by placing the ashes and concluding with a moment of silence or blessings.

When planning interment of ashes consider a reception to provide opportunities for reflection and mutual support.

Rite of Committal: Where Should I Spread the Ashes?

Your ceremony can vary based on cultural and religious preferences including Rite of Committal which can be led by a deacon or priest. 

  • Cemetery or churchyard, allowing burial with a marker or chosen monument
  • Memorial or urn garden, a landscaped area in some cemeteries for above or below-ground interment
  • Columbarium, providing niches in a room or wall for placing your loved one's urn
  • Privately owned land or a selected location of your choosing
  • Ashes spread at sea 

🛑 Be sure to check with state and local laws on where ashes can be spread.

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What To Say at Interment of Ashes Funeral 

Speaking at an interment of ashes funeral is a deeply personal and emotional experience. Here are some suggestions for what to say: 

1) Opening Words: Begin with a few words of welcome and acknowledgment, expressing gratitude for the presence of those gathered to honor and remember the departed.

2) Reflections on the Deceased: Share memories and reflections about the person who has passed away. Speak about their personality, accomplishments, and the impact they had on the lives of those present.

3) Favorite Quotes or Passages: Incorporate any favorite quotes, poems, or passages that hold significance for the deceased or resonate with the emotions of the moment.

4) Religious or Spiritual Elements: If appropriate, include religious or spiritual elements such as prayers, blessings, or readings. This can provide comfort to those with specific faith traditions. 

5) Expressing Gratitude: Express gratitude for the time spent with the deceased, the lessons learned from them, and the impact they made on the lives of those present. 

6) Invitation for Others to Share: Open the floor for others to share their thoughts, memories, or feelings if they feel inclined. This can create a sense of communal support and shared grieving. 

7) Closing Remarks: Conclude with words of thanks for everyone's presence, reiterate the significance of the interment, and express hope for continued support and remembrance.

There is no "right" or "wrong" thing to say at an interment of ashes. Your words should be authentic and sensitive to the emotions of those present. 

Tailor your remarks to the beliefs and preferences of the deceased and the attendees, creating a space for healing and remembrance. 

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Memorial Service Ideas 

Planning a meaningful memorial service involves incorporating elements that reflect the personality and preferences of the deceased plus provide solace for those in attendance.

Unique Program and Creative Decoration Ideas:

Personalized Memorabilia: Create a memory table featuring items that represent the hobbies, interests, and achievements of the deceased. This could include photographs, awards, or cherished possessions. 

Candle Lighting Ritual: Incorporate a candle lighting ceremony where attendees light candles in memory of the departed. This can symbolize the light the person brought into the lives of others

Digital Remembrance: Set up a digital display or slideshow showcasing photographs, videos, and memories of the deceased. This can be a touching way to celebrate their life visually. 

Tree Planting Ceremony: If permitted, consider planting a tree in memory of the deceased. This living tribute serves as a symbol of growth, life, and enduring memory. 

Customized Music Playlist: Compile a playlist of the deceased person's favorite songs or music that holds special meaning. Play the music during the ceremony to evoke memories and emotions. 

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