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Many Anaheim funeral homes make things complicated, when really it’s simple. You just want compassion and care. This is all we do for Orange County families since 1996.

You only need to think about these things for now ⤵

  • What type of cremation or funeral home is best for your loved one?
  • Which friends or family could benefit seeing them again?
  • What timeline is best for everyone?

And you can customize a funeral how you want.

Only pay for what you need

Death is a sad part of life, but we make aftercare easy and affordable for you.

So let’s quickly answer your questions.

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Funeral Planning

The biggest feedback we get from our families is they wish they started sooner.

Whether you're planning for an unknown future date or if a loved one is on hospice, start now before stress and grief get in the way.

The Basics

First off the words funeral home, mortuary or crematory can mean the same thing.

Also the terms “funeral”, “burial” and “memorial service” can be used interchangably. And Yes you can be cremated and still have a burial service.

REMEMBER– funeral planning can be confusing so you end up talking to a commissioned sales rep who convinces you to spend more money.

What's essential is for our funeral director to help you discover what YOUR definition is.

And we can easily guide you. 

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Death is the leading cause of family conflict*

–work with a trusted expert to minimize issues

Important: Time vs Cost vs Last Wishes

Whatever type of funeral you decide is best, you will have to weigh these 3 factors:

Time Constraints- A funeral is typically held about 1-2 weeks after death. The longer you wait the higher the cost, especially if people need to be with the deceased one last time.

Last Wishes- The dead can no longer speak for themselves, so be sure to write down your last wishes.

Cost- The average casket graveside burial is $8,688 in Anaheim- Orange CA. But you can get cremation and a simple funeral for $3215. 

Simple Memorial Service Cost

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All you want is to be educated and make a smart decision

Alternative Burial Options

Be sure to consider the environmental impact of the funeral service. A traditional graveside burial places:

  • steel and wood casket
  • formaldehyde
  • concrete vault

…into a cemetery. Plus the energy to make the items, dig the grave and the reality, we are running out of land space.

Eco Friendly & Green Burial
options available- please ask.

eco friendly burial options, green funeral water cremation

And this is why a cremation funeral is more popular in Orange County, California. However, certain religions like Islam, Judaism, and Latter Day Saints try to avoid cremation.

Tip: Ask for a price list

Make sure you clarify with the “funeral home” exactly what you or your loved one’s wishes are. Don't be afraid to ask for an itemized funeral service price list.

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And the most important thing you need to know is...⤵

The Funeral is for the People Not the Deceased

The departed or you may not want a funeral. Remember- the ceremony is important for the living to process their grief and share their feelings.

During Covid the world found the pain of death. And it became even more painful when we couldn't gather together for a service.

The heartache is still hurting today because there was no closure.

Sure, you want to avoid the memories and feelings and not have a memorial service. But don't forget, the celebration of life is for your family and friends.

Because Milestones Matter

Just like a birth of a child or a wedding, it's a historic time in their life. Someone would enjoy seeing the departed again and sharing the good times.

Dealing with the traumatic death of a loved one is hard. But that's why we do the stressful things you don't want to.

Just call or select the Free Consultation below ⤵

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