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Cremation Costs in Orange County

California cremation prices have become a significant concern for families when planning end-of-life arrangements. Funerals in Orange County can be expensive, with the average funeral pricing from $7,550 to $9,000

Because of these rising funeral home fees, many families are opting for cremation as a more affordable alternative.

Anaheim Average Price to Cremate Someone

The average cremation cost in California is $1648. Direct cremation, which is the cheapest, can cost upwards of $2,600 in some rural areas, while competitive cities offer it for under $1,200.

Our crematory in Orange CA offers Anaheim residents direct cremation for only $1500. It's no frills, no burial, no memorial– the body can be sent to you in USPS mail for a fee.

However, if you want something nicer with a small ceremony, consider a simple memorial service - our most popular  ⇨  see more

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Cremation Costs California Orange County

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How much does cremation cost without services?

If your loved one chose cremation, you may want to skip the public viewing of the embalmed body and save money. Instead, allow family members to say their final goodbyes privately.

A private ceremony with no service allows you to spend quiet time with your loved one before the cremation takes place. 

It's similar to a casket burial but much less.

Private cremation is priced $2215 in Orange, CA.

Private Cremation Anaheim Orange County

Cost of Cremation vs Burial

In the sunshine state cremation services vary as does burial costs. But in general you will find cremation expenses are less.

A burial service uses more items and more labor, which increases the actual price of the burial funeral. The average consumer will have to pay for:

  • Casket 
  • Embalming
  • Cemetery plot
  • Burial fees
  • Tombstone or grave marker

But you can consider a direct burial if cremation is not an option. 

What about a "no-cost" or free cremation in California?

The term "no-cost" cremation in California refers to whole-body donation. While there may be transportation costs and obtaining death certificates, this option can have no charges and offer a free cremation.

Donate Body To Science  

But it's not for everyone. The chances are high ashes will never be returned back to your family. It is donated to the school or a scientific program. 

And there is no guarantee the body is cremated. Learn more below.

UCLA body donation     UCI willed body

free cremation donate to science body

What if I can't pay for a funeral?

If you are unable to afford a funeral and the deceased had no life insurance, there may be public or state assistance available for funeral costs. You can also explore Social Security's $255 death benefit payment. 

Additionally, there are resources available, please see our guide:

  • Orange County Funeral Assistance
  • Talk to one of our licensed funeral directors today as we have solutions to assist you.

    Child Funeral or Infant Cremation Charitable Funds

    Our crematorium offers financial assistance for death of a child by discounting the cost of burial or our cremation services. We also offer parents bereavement care in the form of grief support groups and aftercare resources.

    Your family can save up to 60% off our itemized professional services for infants or children.

    Please view our funeral pricing sheet and contact us for more details.

    Dealing with the traumatic death of a loved one is hard. But that's why we do the stressful things you don't want to. 

    Just call or select the Free Consultation below ⤵ 

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